I have been thinking about this write-up and the term ‘innovation’ since our first ITLL meet and greet. What it looks like, and what it means for the classroom. Innovation can look like almost anything, and be found anywhere in our day to day lives. Social media, self-checkouts, and Uber are all forms of innovation – and don’t forget about the bracelet that can tell you how many calories you’ve consumed in a day!

However, when it comes to the classroom, innovation looks like progression and it feels like passion. A drive to know more, do more and create more. It is a forward momentum to meet the growth and expectations of our students’ needs and capabilities. As educators we all want our students’ to excel and continue the positive progression of our ever changing society. Meeting those demands requires education to progress and change to allow for more support for innovated practices. By implementing open-ended questions, high expectations’, imagination and creativity, we will allow our students’ thirst for knowledge to thrive and move forward. Innovation isn’t a straight line, or easily definable. So what I am hoping to gain from this workshop is not to define innovation, but instead learn skills and perspectives that will drive my practices and motivate my students towards wanting more and exceeding their own expectations! I am excited to jump in and get a dialogue started about practices already in place and ideas waiting to become actualized.


Brittany Ariss-Ferris

King Edward Community School

Cluster 1971

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